Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30 2015

Familia y Amigos,

Before I say anything I want to wish my sister Angela a happy birthday :) Ang I’m so grateful for you and for your example. I hope you have an awesome birthday! If you want anything cool from Peru for your birthday let me know, I know I’m your favorite brother and all. It’s the least I could do :)

I can’t describe how excited I am for conference! To know that we have a living prophet here on the earth is so amazing. It’s going to be weird to listen to it in Spanish, but I’m sure it will be okay. I hope you all are as stoked as I am for it. We have the opportunity to listen to a prophet of God. How awesome is that? I know for a fact that Thomas S Monson is called of God and also that the 12 apostles are also called of God.

Time is seriously flying. It’s already Easter! Thinking about Easter, I really start to reflect on how perfect Jesus was. He NEVER had an impure thought. He never did anything bad or harmed or offended anyone. The fact that He was able to take BILLIONS and billions and billions of peoples sins away really shows me how pure and clean He was. I’m truly grateful for His sacrifice. When Mary went to the tomb to find Jesus, and the messenger asked her, ´por que busca entre los muertos al que vive? Nop esta aque, sino que ha resucitado´. o en ingles. Why do you seek among the dead he who lives? He’s not here. But He’s risen... this news was probably the biggest news that mankind has ever seen. ¨He has risen¨. This time of year it’s so important to remember Him. I know that the third day He rose from the dead. And gracias a que el vive, we too can resucitar. There’s a super cool video from the church, I’ll put a link to it on here. It’s a video about Easter!

Well, this week we have seen how Satan can really work to distract the people. Jhonny was going to get baptized. But this week he lost his job, fell down the stairs, got kicked out of his house, and some other personal things. He said he wasn’t ready for baptism and that maybe another time. Satan is always trying to lead us away especially when we’re about to do something good. Whether it’s getting baptized or going on the mission. He doesn’t want us to be happy. But one thing that I’ve learned is that we have so much more power over Satan than he has over us. Through prayer and scripture study, we can build a relationship with Heavenly Father. And then we can have His help to destroy the temptations that we get.

I know that Christ lives. I know that through His sacrifice we can be clean. I can’t imagine the pain that He felt, and I never will be able to imagine it, but I know that because He loves us so much, He bore the weight of the world so that we can live.

Thanks for all the support and prayers! Be safe and have a happy Easter :)

Ps. here are some pictures that I took this week. Enrique is such a stud. I’m stoked for him and his family. A super rad sun burn that I got. And believe it or not, a homemade cookie. That’s right. Baker Bobby strikes again.

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