Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23 2015

Wow what a week!

I’ve been praying for opportunities to use the priesthood, and this week we were blessed to have the opportunity to give 3 blessings of health and 4 of comfort. Wow the priesthood is real. Each time I give a blessing, I can just feel the spirit so strong. Not only that, but the love that Heavenly father has for each one of his children. When I feel this spirit and this love, my testimony of Josè Smith is strengthened too. Because through him the priesthood fue restaurado.

Well, our investigator Enrique Zuñiga is getting baptized this week! Our zone leaders talked to us for a super long time and we set goals and really prayed about his baptism. Tomorrow at 7 pm Lima time, al agua se va. It’s so exciting to see how happy he is to finally be baptized after waiting all this time for his marriage and everything. I love seeing this happiness. I know it’s the Holy Ghost.

Also, Jhonny will also be baptized on Saturday!! He’s super ready too. After giving him a blessing and resolving some doubts, he’s so ready for the water. Saturday will be his baptism and he’s also super excited and ready.

We’ve been praying for more people to teach. And a few weeks ago I think I shared a story about a hermana that talked to us in the street and asked where she could go to church. Any way, we were teaching her the other day and I had the feeling to invite her to baptism with a date. El 11 de Abril. She accepted, and then turned to her daughter and invited her to baptism el 11 de abril also haha. She’s already doing missionary work!! They’re awesome and I’ll definitely keep you all posted on their progress.

Well I had media hora less time this week so I am gonna have to stop here. But next week I’ll send some pictures and let you know how the baptisms went!!

Thanks for all the support and prayers. And also keep praying for me and the sector.

Love you all!

Love Elder Dahlin

Ps. I continue the Book of Mormon counting the names of Christ, right now I’m in Alma 37, and I’ve counted 2,683. It really is incredible.

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