Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28 2016

Hola! I'm going to keep this short but I got a good story and some cool pics.

So the other day me and my companion were in a lesson with a less active member and we had to go to a different appointment with a progressing family thats planning on being baptized on April 16. So we were there and it was like 5:50 and we had to be at the other appointment at 6 so we were getting ready to finish up the lesson and leave and the guys brother shows up and needed the brother to go downstairs into the other part of the house and fix up some things. He asked us to wait for him for like 10 minutes and we told him that we had to go but he decided to just go and do it anyway.. so yeah it turns out we were late to the other appointment but it happened for a reason. Me and my companion were sitting there talking waiting for him to come back and at about 6:02 we hear BANG BANG BANG!!! Right outside there had been a shooting and if we had finished up the appointment and left we probably would have been pretty dang close to all the action. It just goes to show that God protected us yet again and doesn't ever fail to do so as long as we are where we are suposed to be and doing what we are supposed to be doing. I pretty much have learned to trust in the mission rules because I know that if I dont obey, I'll be subject to more danger haha. But down worry because I can seriously feel a shield of protection here. 

Well the work is great and I'm happy haha. I'm excited for conference. Sorry this is so short but I will write more next week! I love you all!!
Love Elder Dahlin

Microwave brownies!

After the incident haha

Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14 2016

Well I turned a year and a half old this week in the mission. It's seriously so weird to think that 18 months has gone so fast. I am happy with the work that I have done here but seeing how fast the time has gone, I push myself to work harder everyday and to experience every last miracle that God wants me to experience while I'm still here.

So this week we had a cool reunion with Elder Lynn G Robbins from the Presidency of the 70. He talked a lot about obedience and how important it is. He told a cool story about a plane crash. The pilot of a plane got on the loud speaker and told all the passengers that they were going to have to land in the ocean and they should put on their life jackets but NOT inflate them. People panicked and started to inflate them. A lot of the people did inflate them even though the capitan had said not to. And a few people didn't inflate them and obeyed the order from the guy that knew best. When the plane crashed in the ocean, it broke into 3 parts and water immediately entered into the plane and the plane began to sink. The poeple that had inflated their life jackets immediately floated up to the ceiling of the plane and couldnt exit through the holes in the plane because they couldn't maneuver. The people that had listened and hadn't inflated their life jackets were able to swim around underwater and get out and survive.
I liked this story because it reminded me of the importance of the commandments that we have and the loving prophets. Sometimes we recieve a commandment that we dont understand, like the people that didnt understand why they shouldn't inflate their life jackets and did it even though the capitan had said not to. Sometimes we recieve commandments or suggestions from the prophets and we dont really pay much attention and it seems like not a big deal. But the prophets protect us and the commandments too. I'm so excited for the conference thats coming up! General Conference in the mission is like the best seriously haha. I know that we have a living prophet that guides us today and helps us to be happy :)
CALEB AND MATT ENTERED THE MISISON THIS WEEK! haha I'm excited for them. I dont have Caleb's email address. Can someone send it to me please? I'm happy for them because I kind of have an idea of what they're going to learn on the mission. I love those guys so much.
Well at the reunion with Elder Robbins there were like 800 missionaries there. Me and 4 other elders sang and we couldn't record because it was in the chapel but I got a picture of the group. Well there are some pictures that I'm going to send home this week. One of them is an 18 month selfie haha. I figured I would take a picture of me because I did the same when I completed a year and also 6 months. The time flies and I'm loving the mission. I still wouldn't rather be anywhere else :)
Thank you all for your love and your support. Always remember that to be Mormon is to be happy :) 
Love Elder Dahlin

Burning pants for my 18 months!

Our musical group :)

Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7 2016

Hey guys!
So there isn’t much time, but this week Jake and his brothers came to church! They’re awesome and I’m excited to see their progress. Tomorrow there is a possibilidad that I will get transferred. But whatever happens the people from the Bellavists ward will always be a part of me. I have grown to love the people here like I never imagined. 
So a few weeks ago me and 4 other elders sang at a reunion with like half of the mission. I guess the president’s wife liked it because she sent our names to the area and this Wednesday there is going to be reunion with our mission and 3 others. There will be like 600 to 800 missionaries there. And the 5 of us are going to be singing again. The song that we are singing is called acompaƱame. And we are singing acapella with different parts haha. It sounds really good. So yeah that’s going to be happening on Wednesday. 
Well there isn’t like any time haha. But I have been studying a lot from Doctrine and Covenants and the more I read, the more I realize than no man could ever write such a book. The words aren’t normal, and I notice everyday that they are words from a celestial glorified, perfect being. They are the words that Christ spoke to the prophet Joseph Smith. And the more I know that the doctrine and covenants is true, the more I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I have said this before and I would go to my grave saying it, I know that the Book of Mormon is true. Because I read it, pondered it, and asked God. And he has let me know in his own way and according to his will. And I love it :)
Well have a good week and thanks for all the prayers and support! You guys are the best. 
I can’t believe I’m going to complete 18 months this week!!!

Elder Dahlin