Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6 2016


Well this week we were waiting from the news from the zone leaders about the transfers and everything. We were thinking that we were both going to stay in the sector because Elder Cea had only been here for 3 changes and usually in this mission we stay 4 changes. They told us that Elder Cea was going to have a transfer. It's always sad seeing a companion go because we grow to be such good friends, brothers, during these short months. so that was kinda rough. Then they said that I was going to be staying in the sector training a new missionary and as district leader! So that was fun haha. So this will the second time that I will be training. My companions name is Elder Morales and he is from Bolivia.
He reminds me so much of how I was at the beginning of my mission. I didn't know very much but I did know that by following the gospel we can recieve blessings. He is so ready to work and he keeps me so motivated too. This is going to help me to finish my mission strong and to expeience all the blessings that God wants me to experience and to find all the people that God wants me to find while I am here.
This week we have been finding people like crazy too. I notice now more than ever that having a good attitude is key for anything that we do. Especially in the missionary work that we have been trusted with. I love training and being a leader. I think I'm learning much more than I am teaching too.
This week we were walking down the street and where there are places with traffic it's always pretty dangerous because guys come down from the hills and rob people that are stuck in traffic. Me and my companion were walking down the crowded street when there was a ton of traffic and we had to go up a little into the hill to find a house. we were there waiting when like 4 guys came down and started to talk among themselves like 30 or 40 feet from us. They kept their eye on us and the guy wasn't home to we sarted going back own the hill and they just watched us. We got back down to the street and started walking back to the more calm part when we pass this little ally type thing. I looked to my left and right when we passed there was one of the guys waiting there. He was seriously 10 inches fom my face and it was as if he couldn't even see me. He looked right at me and didnt even flinch. It was as if he was sitting there waiting for us to pass by. I'm not sure if he had intenciones to do something to us or not, but I know that God protected us and that he always does when we are obedient and faithful. I love this work because God promises us so many blessings. and mostly because other people can have part of these blessings too if they have faith and accept us. 
This week Moses is going to be baptized! I'm excited for that. I love the work. I love my family. I love the experiences that we have that teach us so much and put us in positions to serve and help others. We are all so excited because this week an apostol comes to the mission! Elder Rasband from the 12 Apostoles is going to come. That is going to be awesome :) or as mom would say thats legit haha. I love you guys!

Love Elder Dahlin

4 of us fit in a little motor taxi haha
Morning runs with the companion. We went up a huge hill! You can google Cerro san Cristobal. That's what we run up in the mornings.

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