Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2 2016

Amigos y familia,
A veces hay un monton de cosas que pasan durante la semana pero no siempre tengo tanto tiempo para contarles todo. Lo que si se es que cada dia vemos milagros y sentimos el espiritu, y a veces ni siquiera nos daos cuenta.
This week has been awesome! There are so many people here that are teaching me so much and that are progressing too. It's going to be a few weeks before we have baptisms because they have to prepare more. But I'm confident that there will be baptisms soon. 

My companion and I are getting along too. He's awesome haha I realize I didnt really tell you guys anything about him so here goes nothin.
He's 18 years old and he's from South Chile. He is the oldest of 3 children and he has 3 months in the mission. He's the most sensitive guy I've ever met haha besides Caleb Clement. But that's good because he is so receptive to the spirit and helps me to recognize the spirit everyday too. 

Can I just say how grateful I am for all the mission has taught me so far? While explaining to people I see so many promises fulfilled. Mainly the promises that say that as missionaries we just have to study, be obedient, pray, and love God. And then when we do those things we can open our mouth and we will be full of the spirit and the words that Christ would have us say. A part of our missionary commission says my voice is his voice, my actions are his actions, my words are his words, and my doctrine is his doctrine. I have literally seen how the spirit confuses the `wise and learned`. and how we really truly are the weak of the world thrashing the nations by the power of his spirit. I have seen miracles. I have seen the sick be healed. And the unbelievers open their hearts and see the light of hope that our message carries. I have seen directly and firsthand how the Atonement of Jesus Christ will heal us if we let it. And more than anything I have seen the effects of that in my own life. I love the mission haha. And more importantly I love God and the once in a lifetime chance that he has given me to be here and experience all of this so that maybe someone can learn of him through me and be saved. The mission has helped me to realize what really is true happiness :) And let me tell you, it isn't money, cars, nice houses, cool clothes or watches, cool longboards (sadly haha) or anything of that type. It's our Heavenly Father, His son and our savior Jesucristo, and family. And when we can exercise faith and focus on these things we will find out why they are so important. The prophets help us to focus on these things and thanks to modern day prophets we aren't in darkness. The heavens are opened and I know that for a fact :) I love it here haha.

These hills in my new sector are so awesome haha. It's hard to climb up and down them. Sometimes at 9:15 when we are getting back to the room after a hard day, 200 stairs aren't the prettiest sight. But I love it anyway and I know that one day I will miss sweating my brains out climbing up thousands of stairs everyday just so that someone can know what I know and feel what I feel:the love of Christ.

I'm grateful especially in this time of year for my momma :) and also my papa! And I'm so stoked to be able to talk to my family this Sunday. Les amo bastante. Ustedes son la bendicion mas grande que tengo. Gracias por amarme tanto y por ayudarme a enfocarme en las cosas mas importantes para que podamos estar juntos para siempre.

Happy Mothers Day to all the awesome mothers that have helped me to be where I am right now and for all the mothers that have helped me and supported me. You truly make the world a better place. But most of all happy mothers day to my own mom. I will never be able to express my gratitude for all you have done to help me. But let me just say that I agree with my boy Elder Holland when he says that the only love on earth that can compare to the love of Christ is the love of a mother. And I think the love of a father is right there too. Thank you both :)

Tembien feliz dia de la madre para todas las hermanas que me han tratado como un hijo aqui en la mision. No siempre es tan facil estar tan lejos de la familia especialmente durante dias ferriados, pero son personas como ustedes que hacen que la mision sea tan chevera y que la desfrutemos tanto. Gracias por ser como nuestras madres aqui y por amarnos tanto. Gracias por toda la comida que nos ha compartido tan amorosamente. Se que dios les va a bendecir y se los prometo porque has servido tanto a los siervos suyos. Gracias y que lo pasen bien!

See you on Sunday on skype! :D
Elder Dahlin, Over and out.

Fresh air, blue skys, and Inka Cola for breakfast! (not really mom haha dont worry).

They don't call me chocolate man Dan for nothing! We learned how to make chocolates today haha.

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