Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16 2016

Aloha! from San Juan de Lurigancho Lima peru!
This week we were informed that Elder Rasband of the Quorum of the 12 Apostoles is going to be coming to the mission. He will be here el 10 de Junio! So we are all pretty excited about that. It's so different listening to an apostol. You can just feel the power that they have. Power that comes from obedience and doing what's right. So that will be fun :)
So there are some scary things in this sector. One of those things are the dogs! When I was in old sectors there have always been dogs on the street but it's way worse in the hills! Cause when we turn corners there are sometimes crazy dogs right there and we have to pick up rocks and just start throwing them. Or if there is a stick near by then thats good too. This morning when were walking back to our room from playing soccer we walked past a grupo of dogs like we always do. And a few minutes before I felt impressed to pick up a stick haha so I did. And it had some nails driven into it so I thought ah yeah I'll be fine if there are any crazy perros. We got close to the group of dogs and they all woke up and started coming at us! Good thing I was prepared haha. I fought them off with my stick and they couldnt get close to us. I don't know why the dogs are so mad all the time here. I miss Champ and Grizzly!
So for my 20 month anniversary I bought a box of alfajores. They are like little cookies with a vanilla flavored crema inside and tons of powereed sugar on top. Kinda hard to explain but they are soooo good! So that was fun haha.
We had a multi zone this week with like 50 missionaries. It is always so fun to listen to our president and his wife. They are such great examples seriously. I think it would be fun to serve as a mission president but I think it would be even better to serve as a temple president! That would be the best. I plan on going to lots of different temples when I get back for sure. Starting with Sacramento :)
Last week we contacted this guy in the street named Carlos. He said we could come back and talk to him one day so this week we went by his dance studio, cause he teaches dance. And it ws so cool because we were in this big open room with tons of mirrors and we were just talking and you could totally feel peace and feel the spirit. We explained the restoration and the importance of the Book of Mormon. We taught it all and were asking him questions and he was super interested. At the end of the lesson he took the Book of Mormon in his hands and looked me in the eye and asked if this book was seriously written here in the americas by ancient prophets? I looked back at him and said I know it was written here. I asked God. And he has made it sure to me that this book was written by inspired men. I think that 20 months ago I thought that the Book of Mormon was true. I thought that it was written by prophets and I thought that it was an awesome book that can help us to be better people. Now after having experienced so much here in Lima I KNOW with a surity that it is the word of God and that it really is more true than any other book on the face of the earth. Because like I said because, I asked God and he has answered me. He can answer anyone and that's such a blessing in itself. We will see how he progresses because he is living with his girlfriend right now. That always seems to be the hardest part of getting people to progress because everyone here lives with their girlfriend or boy friend haha. But we will see!
It's awesome to see how the Book of Mormon can change the people here and how it has changed me. I love this place and I'm so excited to be able to help the people feel what I feel and to see what I see.
Thanks for all the support and for always writing me and praying for me!
Love Elder Dahlin
These are the 150 stairs that I have to climb up everyday!

Alfajores :)

Here are a few different pictures of the stairs from farther away! 

We decided to climb to the point of our sector and take pictures. Here is Lima for ya! I'm going to miss sights like these for sure.

They don't call me soccer Stanley for nothin!

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