Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25 2016

I got transfered! I think this is going to be my last ward because I'll be leaving in 3 transfers. Wow saying goodbye to my old ward was seriously so hard. I never realize how much I fall in love with the Peruvian people here until I have to say goodbye to them and go to a new sector. The people here have grown to be like a family to me. I love them so much haha. They have changed me and made me such a better person. 
I am now in a zone called las flores or the flowers and there are absolutely no flowers here haha. We live in a huge mountain! Well not huge but there are probably like 4000 people that live in the mountain alone. And then below we have a big flat area too in our sector. All day long we are climbing up and down the stairs and it's kinda hard to get used to at first haha. All I know is that my legs are going to be in tip top shape in time to come home ;) haha I honesty to love this new sector though. My new companion is Elder Cea! He's from Chile! So far I have had companions from Bolivia, United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and now Chile. and I love them all haha. We had a reunion this week with all the mission and we could invite our investigators and the members to it. It was about family history and there I saw all of my companions that are still in the mission. Elder Christenses from the MTC, Elder Cabrera my son, Navarro, Trujillo, and Sea. These guys are all my best friends haha they're so awesome. I could just be with them for hours and not get tired. While we were there with them I realized how many amazing friends I have and especially how awesome my family is. I will never get sick of being with you haha. Good thing too cause we are going to be together for eternity haha  ;)

I had an awesome birthday! The members did a little party for me and they made me a cake and sang to me. It was such a simple but amazing birthday. One I will never forget that's for sure. That was before I got transferred, and I thought they were going to throw eggs all over me but they didnt! I thought I had escaped. but when we went to the district meeting on wednesday, april 20, they DESTROYED me with a ton of eggs. It was horrible cause after we had to take one of these little moto taxis back to our house and dried up egg doesn't smell very good let me tell ya haha. It was fun though. I will not forget that either. I put a video of them throwing eggs at me on dropbox. So mom and dad you guys can go on and see that. It was pretty great haha.

I put in some pictures of these things haha. of me carrying my suitcase up the mountain by stairs. We have to climb like 150 stairs to get to our room and carrying a suitcase that weighs more than me isn't the funnest thing in the world haha. I was dying. But I love it seriously.

So we are focusing a lot on faith as a companionship. We decided that we are just going to turn the day over to the Lord. Do all he wants us to do and then have faith in the blessings that we are promised as missionaries. We have been doing that and we have honestly seen miracles. We decided to just knock on a random door and this guy answered. His name is Jose. He's like 'you guys are the mormons right?' We started talking and he's like 'hold on a second.' He went into his house and grabbed a Book of Mormon and came back out and started to tell us that he listened to the missionaries before. We asked if we could go inside and share a message with him and he accepted. We didnt think he was going to accept the invitation to come to church but when we invited him he thought for like 10 seconds and then was like 'umm yeah I'll go!' and he went yesterday haha. Faith is so important in this work and we really can see miracles. Even if they are as small as having someone come to church with us just after one visit. 

I love the work that we are doing. I love the poeple here SO much. I love my companions and I love Elder Cea. This work is about love too haha and I realized that if I don't love what I am doing, I can't have success. Thanks for all your support and for all you do to help me you guys. You're all the best :)

Have a good week!
Love Elder Dahlin

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