Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11 2016

Hola amigos!
I'm including a few pictures that I've taken in the last few weeks. We have had some cool activities in the chapel and we have gone to the temple too. 
Wow!! The conference was amazing. It was my favortite conference yet. I feel like every time we have conference it becomes more and more important to me and I pay attention more. I loved President Monson's talk during the priesthood session. It was so short but I loved the story that he shared. Basically he testified that through the priesthood we can command the elements and other things depending on the Lord's will. It only makes sense that this would be the case because God is constant. The Book of Mormon teaches us that if God was changeable or if we was inconsistant he would cease to be God and the whole plan would fall apart. But knowing that he is the same yesterday today and forever, I know that he blesses us with the priesthood so that we can recieve blessings and be happy too. Just as Moses parted the Red Sea by the authority of the priesthood, today miracles happen too through the same authority. Miracles like healings and ordinances that we do in the temples. Anyway, I loved that talk. It seems like President Monson is a little sick. We should all pray for him. I loved the talk that President Eyring gave too! In the saturday morning session he spoke so clearly and I think it gave the perfect opening to the general conference. But my favorite part was when they announced the new temple :)
I was watching the conference in English with like 8 other American missionaries and when they announced the new temple we all jumped up and were freaking out haha. We couldnt believe it! Just like another one of the speakers says, we were pretty much jumping up and down like little kids. Once everything calmed down in the room and we continued to listen to the conference I began to reflect on my mission and what I have done up to this point. The new temple is a direct fruit of the things that we do here in the mission. Even if the temple isn't in the sector or area where we serve, the people that we teach are going to be able to go there and recieve the blessings and power that God has prepared for us there. As we sat and began to listen to the conference I was overcome and couldn't control my lagrimas. I am so grateful that the beautiful people of Peru are going to be able to enjoy the blessings of another temple here in Lima. We are all thinking that it will be closer to our mission because the other temple is like on the other side of Lima. Either way we are all very excited. I definitely shed some tears of joy for sure. 
well I dont have a whole lot of time. I'm grateful for prophets and I never realized the importance of them until I really paid attention to why their messages are important and why we need them. By their fruits we know them. And I know with all my heart that God speaks to them today to guide us. I'm grateful for the gospel :)
Thank you all for your emails and for your support! I think next Tuesday April 19 I'm going to be transfered, so I will be updating you all on how that goes :)
Love Elder Dahlin

A cool ward activity that we did. There were more people but they left before we could take pictures

So I'm pretty sure there were bed bugs in my mattress. So I sprayed it with some chemicals, left it in the sun all day and then beat it to a pulp with a bread roller haha

These are the ice cream men here! They get on the buses and sell ice cream haha. It'll be weird to see an actual truck full of ice cream again.

These are two of the most amazing people I have ever met. They care for and love us so much. I'm grateful there are members like them.

Me and Elder Trujillo at the temple!

We watched our first and last General Conferences here in the mission together. This guy is awesome. I feel like me and Elder Christenson were brothers in the pre existence :)

Lima is getting a bit crazy.. haha trade a gun for a tablet! :D Good thing God protects us like crazy

They don't call me french toast freddy for nothing!

So there has been an outbreak of tuburculosis here in Lima and we had to go take a saliva test! haha

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