Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7 2015

I couldn’t write last week cause I had to go in and extend my citizenship here because I'M COMPLETING ONE YEAR IN THE MISSION! How weird is that? Didn’t I just leave like 2 weeks ago?

This last week we had the opportunity to see Elder Bednar. He came and talked to us as a mission. There were also some other missions from Lima there. The day I went, the CCM went, Lima Central, Lima South, and Lima West. Sadly, I could not see Hermana Bergeson, because she was in the group that went the next day. But wow the reunion was super super cool!! When he walked into the room you could just feel the autoridad and poder that he has. Just by seeing him you can feel that he is a servant of God and that we should probably listen to what he says. It was the first time that I saw an apostle and I will never forget it.

Wow so much is happening. We are continuing to see miracles everyday here in the mission. On Sunday we were able to go by a members house and bring them the santa cena because they weren’t able to receive it because the grandma had a surgery on her hip. But let me tell ya, the spirit is always so strong in any opportunity that we have to do a priesthood service. I love doing it and we pray for experiences to serve everyday. I think that’s why we are so happy as missionaries :) Yeah its hard. It’s super hard. But once we get the hang of it, the language and new culture, and recognize that everything that we go through is so that we can learn, its so much fun. I love this.

Bueno no tengo mucho tiempo. Pero me es increible que en un año he aprendido tanto. No puedo empezar a explicar la importancia de lo estoy haciendo. Cada dia aprendo mas acerca de Jesucristo y quien era, y quien es. Aprendo cada vez mas acerca de su amor and la suerte que tenemos de estay vivos en estos dias. Y a tener el evangelio de jesucristo. Se que Dios me ha dado dones para poder compartir este mansaje con las personas aqui. Solamente a saber que puedo hablar en español es algo que me ayuda a saber que esta es la iglesia de Jesucristo y que la iglesia es verdadera. porque so no fuera asi, Dios no me dejaria aprender tanto y con tanto rapidez. ya pues, la mision es lo maximo, y estoy bien animado por servir aqui por un año mas. No hay otro lugar donde me gustaria estar.

I love you all and I can feel you praying for me! Please always keep my companion and me in your prayers so that we can help the people here come to the truth and so that we can be protected while bringing it to them.

Have an awesome week! Next week I’ll put up some cool pictures.

Love Elder Dahlin

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