Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28 2015

So I realized that I haven’t been writing a whole lot in these email because I always do it last. This week I will do it first :)

Wow a lot has happened. Me and my companion are bros seriously. Elder Cabrera is awesome haha and he wants to work too! We both kind of got a little sick but eh, ya win some you lose some! 

These last few weeks have been pretty rough. There weren’t too many people that were progressing and it’s kinda hard to work with the members here. I think our patience was being tested so much. But we didn’t give up! We put our shoulder to the wheel and pushed along. Doing our duty with a heart full of song (but a song in Spanish :) haha. finally this week we had a huge number of investigators come to church and just by coming they were able to see the importance of baptism and they want to get baptized. After church we were waiting outside of a members house because an hermana was going to give us lunch, and one of the jovenes that came to church saw us and ran up to us and said hey I want go get baptized! haha we were like yeah I think we can arrange that.

Some days in the mission you walk all day long. Nobody wants to listen to you. Drunk people yell at you. People might throw water or beer at you or even spit on you. You get chased by dogs that probably have several diseases. It’s hot and you get your skin burned off by the sun. Or maybe you get sick and throw up! But then there are some days where people realize the importance of this short time that we have on earth. They realize that going to church, doing ordinances like baptism, praying, and reading the scriptures are more important than any other thing we could do in this life. And it’s true! There is literally nothing more important than going to church and strengthening our relationship with God. And going to the temple as much as we can. Because after this life, are we really going to be happy that we stayed home and watched football? Or maybe slept in a little bit? Some days people realize the importance of this and they come to church. They read and pray and they really discover who they are. Which is something that I’m slowly doing every day I think. They give you food. They want to get a copy of the Libro de Mormon. They want to get baptized. Something that I learned is something that my bro Andrew told me before the mission. Enjoy the bad days because they won’t last. And it’s so true. Every bad day that we have is a test of faith. And if we get frustrated and mad or discouraged, we fail the test. If we learn from the problem and try to solve it, we pass :) simple as that!
So we learned a lot of patience cause we have had some hard experiences here haha. But now we’re seeing the fruits of our labors and people are learning through the Holy Ghost. 

If you’re reading this right now and you’re not sure what I’m doing here as a missionary, read Alma 26 in the Book of Mormon. I’m an instrument here in Lima. And through the Holy Ghost that I can maybe help the people feel, the people can learn of Christ and how they can follow him. 

So we have been teaching Isabel for the longest time. She’s an investigator that lived in California for a long time. She always had the desire to be baptized but was afraid. Finally she agreed to have the baptismal interview and directly after she agreed to be baptized that same week! #PrayersAnswered. She’s awesome though for sure. We are planning some more baptisms really soon too. But I’ll keep you all updated on them haha.

Conference is already here!!! This is my 3rd conference since I’ve been on the mission. Wow! Only 1 more :( who will be the new apostoles? I’m super animado to see the new announcements in this conference. 

Well I hope you all have a good week and don’t forget the importance of the time that we have here. Its super short, and one day we`ll be glad that we tried our hardest instead of wasting our time :) Love you all!

Love Elder Dahlin

A super cool statue that we found that kind of looks like Joseph Smith haha

We are as the armies of Helaman!


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