Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21 2015

A lot of people are asking if I got hit by a tsunami! I’m okay! Our mission didn’t get evacuated. Our president hasn’t even told us anything so I’m sure everything is okay :)

Wow not a lot of time but we had an awesome experience this week. We went to a sister’s house to teach her about the word of wisdom. She’s one of the progressing investigators that we have. She’s so willing to change and get baptized. When we ask her about her baptismal date she just says yeah I want to get baptized already! I don’t understand why it has to be so far away?! Haha she’s awesome. Anyway, we knew she drinks coffee and tea so we were kinda worried about how she would react. We get there and have an awesome lesson. The spirit really taught her the importance of the commandment. She accepted to live the word of wisdom and then we closed with a prayer. She wanted to give us some sandwiches and juice so we said it was okay haha. We offered to help her wash some plates so we could use them and she said it was alright. We went into her kitchen and she had a ton of tea! I was like hey hermana what’s this? And she’s like oh yeah throw that away it’s no good. So we put it in a little garbage bag. Then we found some coffee and we also put it in the bag to take with us and throw away. Then she was like hey is there anything else that I need to throw away? I looked around and saw a big bottle of vodka haha. I was like hey you should probably get rid of this. She kind of hesitated and then said ahhh this is from Argentine and was super expensive.. Ah whatever just throw it away and she just laughed it off haha. This is a true desire to change. I’m excited to see how she progresses.
What she taught me is that we should always be willing to throw away the garbage that we have in our lives. No matter how much we like it or how much it tempts us to stay. Just like the anti nefi lehitas, we need to burry our weapons of war deep in the earth. They were willing to die before using their weapons again. They were willing to die before sinning. I think that if we all live in this same way, we will be so much happier. 

Well. This week there is a chance of a transfer. I don’t know if it’ll happen but I’ll let you all know. I have 6 months here already so we will see. I do love training and I love my companion. And I’ll miss it so much haha but if its God's plan then I’ll go where he wants me to go :)

Have a good week!

Love Elder Dahlin

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