Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22 2015

This week we had our last reunion with Presidente Borg and his wife. They’re going to finish the mission on June 30th. So they got the whole mission together for one last time to bear their testimonies and to say goodbye. It’s hard to describe the relationship between the missionaries and a mission president. You know them and care for them in a way that’s different than anyone else. They’re like our parents here in the mission and they care for us and love us so much. Presidente Larson and his wife will be coming soon and July 5th we are going to get to know them and have interviews. Wow is time flying or what?
This week we have been taking really good care of the 7 people that we have with baptismal dates for July. As missionaries we grow to love the people. I care so much for each of them. Way more than I ever thought I would. It’s kind of the same feeling that I got when I opened my mission call. It’s just a feeling of overwhelming love for the people, even though you don’t know them yet. Here I feel that same thing every day. These people are awesome and I know why I’ve been called here at this time to this specific place.

This week I have been reading in the missionary library. You know like 'Jesus the Christ', 'Our heritage', 'True to the Faith', and 'Our Search for Happiness'. I finished 'Our Search for Happiness' and I’m almost done with 'Our Heritage' already. If you haven’t read these books you gotta read them, especially if you aren’t a member of the church. They talk about who we are and why we do the things we do. After reading 'Our Search for Happiness', I realized that seriously everything we do is so that we can be happy.

This week a new temple in Trujillo Peru was dedicado! Saturday we went to the stake center to watch the cultural celebration and then we saw the dedication yesterday. It was seriously so cool to see the youth from Trujillo and other cities celebrating the new temple. They have no idea the blessings that await them there haha. The temple is an amazing place. And we should all have as a goal to arrive there, and then visit often.

Weeks ago we planted seeds here that in July we are going to harvest. July is going to be an amazing month to say the least.

Have a good week and keep praying for us!

Elder Dahlin

Hermana Lawrence!! I think her sister just moved into our ward or something?

I love these people
Helping our investigator Sando paint his house :) They don't call me Paintin Peter for nothing, let me tell ya'.

Mision Peru Lima Central
Av. Juan de Aliaga 520
Magdalena del Mar, Lima
Lima 17, Peru

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