Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb 2 2015

Family and friends,

This week has been a good one. It seems like the weeks get better and better as we pray more and focus more on the work.

So that family that I wrote about last week! The family fortunata! We visited them again on Saturday and there we met her son! And his kids. Se llama Pablo, y sus hijos son Ruth and Arean. Ruth is 15 and arean is 9. Pablo interested and he wants to learn more. Ruth is super shy but super super smart. And Arean is my amigo haha. He’s so funny. I’ll try to send a picture of them all this week. It’s just another strength to my testimony of prayer and the prompting of the spirit. We have been praying so much for new people. And the day when I got the prompting that we should go visit the family fortunata, was because this last week we were supposed to meet them. I’m excited to see how they progress. And I’ll keep all of you guys updated! Prayer and the spirit go hand in hand. Without the spirit, we can’t have faith to pray. And without prayer, we can’t have the spirit and we can’t receive the respuestas that we seek. Just something to think about.

They’re building another temple in Peru!! Right now the one in Lima is the only one! But now there will be a second in Trujillo. It just goes to show that the work truly is being hastened. It kinda stinks though because now the temple here in Lima will be closed for a long time cause they’re going to remodel it. But I’m excited to see the Trujillo temple. I hear its super huge and pretty! Surprise haha. Just kidding. All the temples are super pretty.

Oh man something so nasty happened this week. We were walking home from church. And we turn the corner and there is this guy standing on the side walk. Yeah normal. So we start walking down the sidewalk and he turns towards us and he’s like ah elders!! And I’m like oh cool maybe he’s a member. He’s like 40 feet away so I can’t really see his face super super well. Anyway, he gets closer and shakes my hand. And he must have been super sick, his eyes were all swollen and he had snot alllll over his nose and mouth. I think he just wasn’t like 100 fully mentally there either. Anyway I’m like trying to talk to him without touching him haha but he won’t let go of my hand. And he is like super super close to my face. I was trying to like back away, and finally I was like okay hermano tenemos que ir. podemos visitarle? And he’s like oh no no. my house isn’t big enough. I don’t know if he said that because I’m too tall and won’t fit in the door, or because he isn’t interested. Then he was like okay I’ll see you guys around! And he gave me a hug! After that we were walking away and there was snot all over my suit coat. So nasty. I washed that thing so good. Just a funny story that happened this week. If we see him around I’ll try to talk to him and teach him. Because even though it was way nasty, he’s still my brother. And Heavenly Father loves him just as much as he loves any one of us.

I love this mission. I love how every single day there is so much that we can learn, in the mission or not. I love having this calling.

This is the Lord’s work. And I’m grateful to be a part of it. 

Thanks for all the prayers and support!! Have a good week!

Love Elder Dahlin

Ps. I took a video of me scaring my companion hecka bad, and I’ll try to send it next week haha :)

This week I received some letters that I have been waiting to get for like 4 months!! Thank you so much to the Gingerich family, Erica and Samantha Jaffe, Kelli Boberg, and mis padres :) you guys are awesome. These pictures are of EFY this week! We got the opportunity to go again. It was so awesome! and there was una hermana there dressed up like a tree for family history. Oh the things you’ll see in Peru. Also, there are pictures of a new fruit that I tried, it’s called tuna. super super good. It’s like a pomegranate and a pear mixed haha. Also my companion getting a haircut. And a soccer field where people are ALWAYs playing. I love Peru. Enough said!

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