Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 26 2015

Familia y amigos

Otra semana en Lima ya paso. Tan rapido pasa el tiempo. se que siempre digo esto, pero en serio es loco cuan rapido pasa el tiempo. a veces parece como el dia nunca va a terminar, pero al fin de cada dia estoy soprendido a cuan rapido paso.

How are you all doing! Another week in Lima Peru.

First before I say anything else. Thank you!! to Sister Geil for the shirt you sent me. I’ll include a picture of it. It’s a super cool Auburn California shirt. I’m totally gonna rock it next p day. Thank you! You have no idea how happy it made me. 

This week I learned a little bit about following the spirit. haha I’m laughing right now after typing that. As missionaries we learn every second of everyday how to follow the spirit. But this situation in particular.

On Tuesday we were walking down the street and we had like 30 minutes until our next appointment. We didn’t know where to go when all of the sudden something hit me. Just a feeling. And I remembered a family that me and Elder Flores used to teach. They stopped reading and praying and never went to church and didn’t want to visit with us anymore so we stopped visiting with them. They’re the Fortunata Family. Well, when we were walking down the street I had the strongest feeling that we should visit them. So we go to their house and knock on the door. One of the family members answers the door and her face lights up. Elderes!!! she invites us in and the whole family is there. There is the grandma (Hermana Fortunata), her daughter Porfilia, and her daughter Brenda and her boyfriend Aaron. They’re not married, but we’re working with them. When we got into the house they all came and shook our hands and were so excited to see us and listen to us. We taught the restoration and they were so interested. Much more interested than they ever were before. It’s so cool to see how our Heavenly Father prepares different people at different times for this message. Before they weren’t very prepared but now they’re going to progress so fast. Every Thursday the youth play soccer in our ward at the church building on a little concrete court. Aaron went and played and had tons of fun. I’m excited to see how they progress and I’ll keep you all posted!

I love the spirit and the ways it helps us in this work. Without the spirit, we’re nothing. And the same with faith too! Something interesting that I learned in my personal study this week. I was reading in Ether chapter 3, when the brother of Jared sees Jesus Christ. In chapter 3 verse 19 of Ether is says, y para el, dejo de ser fe, porque supo sun ninguna duda. This means that for him, it ceased to be faith, because he knew without any doubt. This means that when we no longer have doubts, it stops being faith and becomes a perfect knowledge. The two are two different things. Faith and a perfect knowledge and I think sometimes we try to seek the perfect knowledge before we try exercising faith. We should all try to have a little more faith. If you can’t find it, pray and read. That’s where I’ve found mine :)

This week was really good. Elder Montoya and I work so well together. He’s like a brother.. from another mother haha. I’m so grateful for him and for the things that we’re doing in this sector.

Also this week I saw Hermana Loayza again!! haha it’s always so nice to see her. I’m grateful for the things she teaches me and for all the encouraging words that she gives me! 

Well that’s all the time I have this week. I hope you all have a good week. Remember that if you ever `lack wisdom` all you have to do is pray and you will receive an answer, as long as you pray with faith, real intent, and a sincere heart. 

Thanks for all the prayers and support!! I love you guys. :)

Elder Dahlin

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