Monday, January 12, 2015

Jan 12 2015

Hola once again!

I have no idea where all the time is going. Tomorrow marks the end of my 3rd transfer on my mission. Crazy fast. 

This week we ate some weird foods. Haha I didn’t know what it was before eating it, or else I would have taken a picture. But we ate cow heart and testicle!! Haha seriously it was actually pretty good. I’m glad I didn’t know what it was before eating it though. The testicle was like mixed into a sauce and put on spaghetti. And the cow heart was just like a piece of steak. Haha maybe when I get back to the states I’ll make some of these foods :)

We also had the opportunity to go to EFY this week!! We were there helping them with family history. Dang that brought back memories haha. There were like 500 kids. But it was so different being a missionary helping them. It's cool how I could just tell that they look up to us. The leaders said that this was the first time that Missionaries have EVER attended efy and helped with efy. So that’s pretty cool. There is a Facebook page called fsy. And I should be in a video on that page in a couple of weeks!! Let me know when you find it!

This week I had a really really cool experience. So the Hermana that we baptized a few weeks ago, her son is a member. But he isn’t a member. He works in a bar and he has hecka tattoos and ear rings. We were there because his mom, the Hermana that we baptized, was there visiting him. She went to the bathroom and so it was just me, Elder Flores, and him. He started talking to us about how he doesn’t think that God exists. This was super sad. To see someone that has been baptized, who has made covenants with God, to say that he doesn’t exist. He was talking about how there are children starving in the street and there are so many bad things happening. Where is God? He was mad. Not like violent mad but just frustrated. I was able to share with him a scripture. I shared D & C 121,7 and 122,7 and 8. These scriptures really hit him. And I could see that he was really thinking about what they said. You guys should all look them up, because they talk about going through trials and how everything that he go through is for our own understanding. 

I told him that Heavenly Father will never give us something that we can’t do. And that the children that are starving in the streets are so special, and that they have a special place in the kingdom of heaven. I bore witness that God Lives. And that we are all his children. During the visit I was testifying to him and looking him dead in the eye. And he started crying. This just goes to show how the spirit works. I know that last week I shared a story like this too, but this was different. This guy was so mad and his heart was just closed. But the spirit was able to touch him. And that made the difference. I’m glad he was able to feel the spirit that day. We invited him to pray and ask if God was really there. I know that he lives. And he loves each one of us sooo much more that we can understand. I know that the only way someone can find out is by really asking him. And being open. The spirit can testify of all things, especially that you are a child of God. This is something that we should never forget.

Well tomorrow we have transfers. It looks like I’ll be staying and my companion will be leaving. But we haven’t found out yet. I’ll let you all know what happens next week! I love you guys! Please keep praying for our safety and our success out here in Lima.

Love Elder Dahlin

This week we also went to the zoo. And here is a picture of a car here the size of a normal SUV: but 20 people or more can fit in there. Trust me. I’ve done it. And we had a service activity and we painted. You can’t tell in this picture too well, but I’m COVERED in white paint.

Well my videos won’t send. I’ll try again next week. I love you all!! 

Elder Dahlin

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