Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov 3 2014

Family and Friends,

What a week! I don’t have like any time so I’m going to be quick. This week I have learned a lot. A lot of what I’ve learned is to always be grateful for what we have. Some of the people here have nothing and they’re so happy. Like literally nothing. It’s so sad.

So I had another experience with prayer. And it was in the shower haha. So in our apartment there is a shower head that has an electric current in it. And when water touches it, it heats the water and that’s how we take hot showers. But if too many lights are on in the apartament, all the power turns off and the water in the shower turns cold. So I’m taking a shower and all of the sudden the lights turn off and the water turns freezing cold. NOO!! I was like ah dang it. And then I remember pray always. Even for little things. So I said a prayer that I could have hot water for just two minutes. Right when I said amen and opened my eyes the lights turned back on and the water turned hot again. I was like wow prayer works. And then if that isn’t enough!! Right when I finished showering and I was reaching to turn the water off, BOOM. The lights turn off again and the water gets cold again. Coincidence? Heck no. God really does answer our prayers even if it’s just with small things. He has blessings that he is waiting to give to us, all we have to do is ask. Prayer is powerful.

So before I forget! If anyone is thinking about sending me a letter, don’t do it!! It will never get here because the mail people are on strike right now. So it will just get lost. I’ll let you all know when the strike is over.

So this week I’ve been learning a lot of Spanish. My companion is Bolivian and so I’m kind of forced to speak Spanish all day everyday haha. It’s nice though because we live with two Americans. So we speak English sometimes but mostly Spanish. The mission is awesome. I’m so grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve my Heavenly Father and help people all day every day for 2 years. It’s such a blessing. And I know that I’m helping people here too! It’s such a great feeling.

This week I ate some weird new things!! I ate chicken liver and chicken heart!! Haha it actually wasn’t bad. Maybe when I get home I’ll slaughter a chicken and cook up some chicken innards. mmmm :)

So some other cool things happened too. We prayed as a companionship that our investigators would be able to go to church last Sunday. We got there and there were 9 investigators there!! So awesome!! Prayer is so real. I can’t stress that enough. 

I was thinking about it the other day, there are 7 investigators that we are probably going to baptize by the end of the year. It’s so exciting that I can be the instrument in God’s hands. I love this. I don’t have much time but thank you all for the prayers and for all of the support. I know that I have an army behind me supporting me. And I love that. I love you all. 

Angela make sure you correct this haha I’m typing as fast as I can. 

Have a good week!!

Ps. Mom, can you send me a recipe for cookies and for brownies, I’m craving America. 
Pss. Halloween exists in Peru!! The kids run around getting candy and instead of saying trick or treat they say Halloween please!
I love it.

Elder Dahlin

These pictures are of me roaming the streets of Lima, eating some new food, my scriptures that I've marked, and the wife of my mission president. Enjoy!!

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