Monday, November 10, 2014

Nov 10 2014

Friends and Family,

I have 6 minutes to write this so it’s going to be short!

This week was better than the last. The weeks keep getting better and better. I’m more comfortable with Spanish than ever and I’m learning so much. At times it’s really hard but I know that the things that I’m going through are only for my own good.

I love teaching about the Plan of Salvation. It’s probably my favorite. Every time I teach about it, I can’t help but think about how lucky we are to have the families that we have. Always be grateful for what you have. Never forget that!

Before I forget, is Caleb Clement alive and well? I haven’t heard back from him for like a month! I hope he’s okay haha

Also, Happy Birthday to the best Dad in the world!! Dad you’ve helped me with so much and taught me so much. I’ll never be able to repay you for everything you’ve sacrificed and done for me. You're an amazing example and I’m so grateful for you and Mom and our whole family. I love you! I hope it’s a good one!

Haha some of you guys will laugh at this. You know how I have a habit of finding money on the ground? Even here in Peru I can find American dollars on the ground. The other day, I found 20 American dollars on the ground. That’s like 60 soles. Enough money for 2 weeks of food haha. Blessings.

This week we set 4 dates for baptism! It’s amazing to think that I’m here doing the Lords work helping others find their way back to Christ. The mission is amazing and I know that in 2 years I’m going to not want to come home. I love Peru.

This week we taught this guy, Hermano Lopez, about baptism. He’s like, so I can be free from sin?! And we told him that through covenants like baptism, we can be free from sin and guilt, and he threw his hands in the air and started crying and he was like, I need to be baptized!! We’re going to baptize him but first him and his wife need to get married. It was so awesome to see how excited he was about being baptized. It might take a few months for them to get baptized because his wife technically is still married to her old husband, so she needs to get divorced and then they need to get married. But I know that they’ll get baptized.

It was amazing to see how excited he was about this work and it made me tear up a little. That’s why I’m here, to bring people happiness, to spread the word that Christ lives and that families can be together forever. So much happiness. I know that all the blessings in my life have come from this gospel. I love this church. I know it’s true. Thanks for all the support!! I will have more stories next week but this is all I have time for. Have a good week!!

Much Love, Elder Dahlin

Ps. These pictures are from P day. We went to a park of fountains and aquas and lazers! So cool. Enjoy! :)

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