Monday, November 17, 2014

Nov 17 2014

Familia y amigos,

¿Como estan? Esta semana fue el maximo! estamos encontrando muchas personas para enseñar. Estoy agredicido que yo tengo esta oportunidad a enseñar y ayudar la gente aqui estar con sus familias otra vez despues esta vida. Esta obra es marvillosa.

This mission is amazing. I love it here so much. That was just a little bit of Spanish for you all haha. This week was really good!

First of all, I hope you had a happy birthday Dad!! I was thinking of you on the 14th. Did you get the new Call of Duty? haha I saw previews of the new Call of Duty in the streets and I thought of you. You love your Call of Duty.

Brent and Garrett!! Happy birthday!! Haha I think it’s so funny how 3 of the 10 of us have birthdays in November. I love our family. You guys are amazing. 

I celebrated all of your guy’s birthdays this week haha. I bought a cake. And it was a grand total of a whopping 3 dollars. 10 soles, which equals about 3 dollars American. Everything is crazy cheap here.

Oh yeah! So if you want to write me a letter, don’t send it through normal mail, SEND LETTERS THROUGH DEAR ELDER. That’s the only way I’ll get it. Dear Elder. If you don’t know what that is google it haha. 

So this week was pretty funny. The people here like to make fun of Americans. I’ve been called gringo, white boy, blancito, Colorado (I guess that’s racist for American) and many others. Haha I think it’s funny. And I’m writing every name I get called down in my journal.

So this week I went to a family history training thing. It was really cool!! FAMILY! Did you know that our family history on mom’s side is almost completely full 9 generations back!? Grandma, good work. I think there are 18 names missing in the last 9 generations. That’s amazing!! Family history is so important. And also did you know that our last name was Ersson? Then it changed to Hansen, then to Dahlin? Fun fact of the day.

This week I felt an earth quake!!! It was seriously so cool. Haha the whole earth..started.. to quake... but yeah that’s the only way I can escribe it. It was really loud and my whole body and everything in the house that we were in was vibrating. It was really cool. Unforgettable for sure. But there’s something scary that happened.. the ocean has receded 100 meters because of the earth quake. Which means that there’s going to be a tsunami. At least that’s what I heard. It could be false. But I know that if any of the missionaries are in danger, we will be pulled from our mission and moved out of harm’s way. The president of the mission can receive revelation and take us out of danger. How cool is that? I’m safe here haha so nobody worry about me. 

This week was really good. We have baptisms scheduled 3 weeks in a row starting the 29th. It’s amazing to see how people lives can change. Can you guys please pray that we can find people that are married and looking for the Gospel? It’s really hard when they aren’t married. But I know that all things are according to His will. Prayers are powerful. Please pray for this work!! 

So we had a training last night. It was from the area 70 of the South America northwest area. Me and Elder Davis Jenkins are both in this area! He said that every 15 minutes there’s a baptism in our area. How cool is that? The work is truly being hastened. And I’m so grateful to be a part of it. There is nothing like being a missionary. I love it so much.

Our mission had 84 baptisms last month and we’re really trying to break that this month. I know that it’s possible. All things are possible with Christ. 

Well, all is well, we’re teaching people every day and there are so many people here that are looking for what we have. 

The church is true, Christ is the Savior of the world, and Heavenly Father loves each and every one of you. Never forget that you’re a child of God. And just as your earthly parents love you, He loves you to a degree that we can’t even comprehend. I’m seeing the love that God has for the people here and it’s honestly life changing.

I love you all! Continue to pray for the missionaries. Have a good week!

Elder Dahlin

The attached pictures are of me in the big city of Lima, the cake that I bought, and a note that my companion wrote haha. He’s Bolivian and he’s learning which is so cool. But this note made me laugh. He’s awesome.

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