Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oct 8 2k14

All the weeks are all starting to blend together more and more. Have I already been out for a month?! Time is flying like crazy and I’m continuing to learn more and more each week about myself, this gospel, and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

First off, conference was sooooo sweet!! It’s definitely so different being a missionary when conference is on. I feel like the messages apply more directly to me and I pay attention more for sure. I took 17 pages of notes during conference. I loved it so much!! I need to go over them and decide which one was my favorite, but for now ill say Holland´s talk from the Saturday afternoon session. It was inspiring!! Holland is so powerful when he talks. It’s clear that he is receiving guidance from Heavenly Father. I’m so grateful for our modern prophet and apostles!! Such a blessing.

So earlier this week all of the advancados left, which means that they needed new zone leaders! We were all talking about how cool it would be to have a zone leader that was in our district. Well long story short. IM A ZONE LEADER! Woo! I’m so grateful to have this opportunity while in the CCM to help others. I’ve only been zone leader for 2 days though, so next week I’m sure I’ll have some stories about it haha. So stay tuned.

So a few days ago our teacher told us to teach a short 5 minute lesson in English about prayer. It was soooo strange to speak English during a lesson! Spanish has become a habit. Some of the English words would not come out of my mouth haha so it’s cool to see how much my Spanish has improved.

Oh! Before I forget. During the first session of conference! The MoTab was singing I think it was Beautiful Zion. Or something like that? Anyway, the women seriously sounded like angels. When I die, I hope that’s what heaven sounds like because it was so amazing.

This week I have learned a lesson of exact obedience. So in the cafeteria there is a sign that says ´please only take 4 pieces of bread´ but it’s in Spanish of course. Haha I have had trouble with this rule. And at every meal I take like 8 or more because the bread is seriously amazing. So I’m pretty sure I’ve been punished for not obeying that rule haha. Because I weighed myself the other day and I’ve gained 10 pounds since I’ve been here!! What the heck! This is the most I’ve ever weighed haha. So now I’m just 180 pounds of gospel preaching, Spanish speaking Elder Dahlin.

Haha but yeah seriously obedience is key. Whether it’s obeying the spirit when it gives you that feeling, or not taking more bread that you should, obedience is one of the most important things.

I was able to stand in on another priesthood blessing this week! An elder in our group was having some.. intestinal.. problems all day long. And he couldn’t even stand up without horrible pain. All 8 of the elders stood in on the blessing and the next day he was walking around and back to normal. It’s so amazing to see the power of the priesthood working. It’s so powerful and I love it so much!

yo se que esta iglesia es la verdad. estoy agredido que mediante al plan de salvacion, podemos ser con nuestras familias otra vez despuez esta vida. se que jesucristo murio por nuestros pecados. y mediante la expacion podemos ser limpios de nuestros pecados y volver a vivir con Dios. nada en esto mundo es tan importante que esto evangelio. yo se que nuestro padre celestial es amoroso y puedo sentir su amor para me. estoy agradecido por todos mis amigos my miembros de mi familia. digo estas cosas en el nombre de jesu cristo. Amen!

I love all of you guys and I’m so grateful for the support that you have all given me! The church is true.

Oh! Really quick I have another cool story about prayer. I was in the shower and every day the water will either turn super cold or super super hot. So it turned way hot and it wouldn’t go back to normal for like 5 minutes. So I just said a prayer really quick that it could change at least to a bearable heat and boom!! Immediately it changed back to normal haha. Call it a coincidence but I think not. Prayer is real! Pray always my friends. I love you all!

Love Elder Dahlin

Ps. next week I will have a more full report of my favorite conference talks.

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