Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oct 15 2k14

Dear Family and Friends,

What an AMAZING and indescribable 5 weeks this has been. The next time I write I will be in the mission field searching for Peruvians to teach this gospel to. So awesome. I’m so grateful for the CM and all that it has taught me. The spirit lives here that’s for sure.

First of all. I literally get at least 10 compliments everyday on my ties. I clearly have the coolest ones. So thank you dad and brothers for all of the corbatas haha. Everyone here seems to like them. Thanks Andrew for all your paisleys.

This week I had a pretty cool experience with the language. So about 40 Latinos entered the MTC this last week. Two of them are in my room along with me and my companion and then two other elders from North America. Every day at least once a day I have an hour long conversation with one of the Latinos here. I never thought that I would be in Peru talking to Latinos in Spanish haha. I know for a fact that through the gift of tongues I am able to speak Spanish.

That’s not all though! So when they came to the MTC, they needed to take classes on how to begin teaching! Out of all the missionaries here, Elder Foot, another elder in my district, and I were chosen to demonstrate teaching. So there I was, 6´3 Elder Dahlin, in front of all these  5 foot tall Latinos, teaching a fake investigator in Spanish. I’ve been so blessed. Especially with the language. It’s cool to think about the language and think, the only reason I’m learning this is so that I can help a Peruvian be with their family again after this life. That’s what I’m here for! And in 1 week that’s what I’ll be doing. But yeah it was so awesome to show the Latinos how to begin teaching and how to start a conversation. 

Since being here me and some elders in my group have these beat boxing sessions. Let’s just say I’m getting pretty good and when I get home I’m gonna throw down haha.

So I guess sometime this month there’s supposed to be a big earthquake! And so last week we had an earth quake drill. Haha I’m excited to feel it. There was an earthquake a few weeks ago but I didn’t feel it. Maybe I’ll feel this one. I’ll let you all know how that goes.

Not only was I able to teach the Latinos in Spanish, but we are also teaching them English. We had a class on teaching them English. It’s awesome to know that through us, they’ll be able to have better lives by learning English. So pretty much whenever we get into the field, if I have a Latino companion ill teach him English for an hour every day and he will teach me Spanish for an hour every day. I can’t wait to speak Spanish over the phone or skype with you guys at Christmas time!

Alright I had a few cool experiences this week. So every day we have scripture study. And two days ago I was really tired during it and I was kind of dozing off. So I said a prayer that I would be able to stay awake. Because I’ve learned that when you study the scriptures you’re just happier over all. It’s hard to explain so I guess you just have to try it for yourselves, but by studying the scriptures I’ve been happier in my life and I’ve learned so much. I know that for a fact. But anyway!! I closed my eyes and prayed that I would be able to stay awake. Right when I open my eyes I look at my leg and there is the biggest Peruvian bee on my leg!! I FREAKED out and that definitely woke me up. The Lord has a sense of humor that’s for sure haha. And there was no way I was falling asleep after that experience. I can’t say enough times that I’m grateful for prayer. It’s such a powerful tool that we have. Heavenly Father has blessings that he is waiting to give to us. All we have to do is ask for them.

So this week I was wondering how to better my Spanish ability. I’m not really stressed about the language because I know that I’m going to learn so much when I get into the field, but I was just kind of nervous because all of the Latinos here speak so fast. Then I came across D and C 100. This chapter isn’t long. It only takes a minute to read through. But it talks about the language of the spirit. It doesn’t matter that I don’t know tons of Spanish. If I trust in the lord and have faith, I will know exactly what to say when the time comes. I love this chapter.

I love the scriptures. I love the help and guidance that we can all receive from the scriptures and praying about them. I know that through the great plan of salvation, we can all be with our families forever. I know that my redeemer lives, and loves each one of us. I’m a walking testimony that the gift of tongues is real. Through the spirit and the gift of tongues, I’ve been so blessed in learning this language. I have much work to do, but I’ve built a solid foundation while here in the CCM. I know for a fact that Heavenly Father loves me. And he loves each and every one of you too. If you can’t feel this love, or if you don’t know for a fact that you’re loved, drop to your knees in prayer and ask. You will know. As a representative of Jesus Christ I promise this is true. I know the church is true. I know this with all my heart. I know that Thomas S Monson is a true prophet of God and that he leads and guides us in these latter days. I love the church. I’m so grateful for all the blessings that I have in my life because of it. I know that through this gospel we can all have true happiness. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, my Redeemer. Amen.

I love you all!! I can’t wait to send you all the pictures that I’ve taken. So the next time I write, I’ll be in the mission field. So it probably won’t be in a week. So if I don’t write next week don’t think I’m dead. I’m actually the most safe I’ve ever been.

Keep praying for me! I can feel your prayers. They change the night to day. I’m so thankful that I have this opportunity to preach the gospel and bring others unto Christ, so that they can be with their families again.
I’m so grateful for all of you guys. Especially my family. There is no way I could have been blessed with a better family. You guys are my best friends. I love you.

Oh! The two things that stuck out to me the most from conference were
1. Make Christ our rock. Our foundation. If we do this we will be blessed. Helaman 5,12 was quoted like 5 times during conference. If the prophets are quoting this scripture, it must be pretty important.
2 Help those in need. Everyone needs a friend or a pick up. Be the answer to their prayer.
3. Always have the prophets in your sights. They cannot, they will not lead you astray. This is so important.
I have to go!! Lots of love.

Shout out to my boy Matt Segon. Happy Birthday bro! You’re one of my best friends and a life changer for sure. Keep up the good work. I love you man

Always have Christ in your sights. He will lead you to eternal life!

I’ll write next week from my apartment :) I love you all.

Lots of Love, Elder Dahlin

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