Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25 2016


I LOVE MY NEW WARD!! It makes me sad that I won't have much time here. But wow am I grateful that I have been able to come here and meet all these new awesome people :)
So contacting people in this new area is a little bit more difficult than it was in my last sector. It's a bit harder because this new zone that I'm in is a bit more advanced and wealthy than my last zone. So I think these people maybe just have more distractions in their lives and maybe pride. This week we studied pride in our zone conference and wow I learned so much! Pride is all around us and it's probably one of the most underlooked sins. There's a cool talk by President Benson called 'Beware of Pride' that has taught me a ton too. But yeah so being more humble is something that I'm constantly working on now.
So since contacting isn't tan effective here we really are learning to trust in the spirit. It's so cool because everytime we really feel like we need to contact someone we either meet them and they are super awesome and want to meet with us, or they are super super Catholic and don't want anything. Either way it helps me grow because I either see how important the spirit is and I can see how it helps us to find those that are prepared, or I see how confused the people are and how desperately they need us. The truth is that if they can't be humble enough to accept us, learn and receive an answer of the truthfullness of all these things, be baptized like Jesus Christ was by someone who has the authority from God, the same authority that was restored to Joseph Smith, and then stay faithful till the end, they can't enter into the kingdom of God. So even at the end of my mish I'm seeing how important we are in this work and how much it can help us to grow. 

So me and my companion go out to run every morning and dang is it rough! Not only because we are in the middle of winter, or because we are breathing like 98 percent humidity, or because there are crazy dogs that chase us as we run, but also because it's been forever since we ran and I'm getting used to it. Plus I'm pretty sure I've grown and eh I think it's gonna be kind of rough to get used to sports and what not again haha :) I love the mission and I cherish every day that I have left. It's teaching me so much.

Oh! This week we felt a few earthquakes!! Haha people always freak out here when they feel little earthquakes. It scares me too but I think it's cool haha. Until there comes a big one.. that's going to be scary. But yeah it was cool to feel another earthquake haha. The first time was when I had 2 months in the mission! That's probably something I wont feel again for a while!

I'm out of time but have a good week! I love you all! Keep praying for my companion and me so that we can be protected and have success :)
Elder Dahlin

Two of my favorite foods here!
Aji de pollo.

Bistec a lo pobre

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