Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11 2016

Hey everyone!

The other day we were walking down the street just contacting everyone we could come in contact with. It's so fun to talk to just EVERYBODY like Preach my Gospel says because we meet so many different types of people. They all have different questions and it really makes us think and understand the gospel. The more questions people ask me, the more I realize and gain a testimony that the gospel seriously makes so much sense. We returned a few days later to a house of one of the people that said we could come back and visit them. We get inside and we were talking to a grandma, her son and her daughter, and her granddaughter. Turns out the grandma and the mom are members but haven't been to church in forever because they didn't understand temple work and it freaked them out haha. We explained it to them and it was such a spiritual experience. Because at the end the spirit could teach them so much and they learned that they shouldn't be afraid, but that they should have hope and happiness because temple work joins together families. I'm so grateful for temples and for the opportunity that we have to be together with our families forever. 
So the grandma ended up coming to church. I don't know how old she is.. probably like 75. And while we were in the Gospel Principles class we started talking about the baptismal covenant and what it means. She was silent during the whole class but when we started to talk about the covenents we make she raised her hand and said ´I have been baptized in this church. I am a member of the promise but I was inactive for a while.´ Then she said something that really struck me. She said  ´Thanks to the Elders I am here. Thanks to them I now have the right to receive blessings based on the promise I have made with the Lord´. She was crying her eyes out when she was saying all of this and it made me a little emotional too haha.. I am here representing the most sacred important person that has ever lived. I know that we as missionaries are assigned to a specific place because God has a perfect plan and based on that plan there are people here than need us to talk to them. I don't know if that grandma would have talked to another Elder. Maybe, maybe not. But I'm grateful that I was able to help her come back to church and have such a spiritual experience there. In one of the lessons we had with her she made us a super good plate of food called Tacacho. It's pretty much fried banana and then you mash it all up and put salt and oil on it haha. It's super good though. 
I'm running out of time. Today marks the beginning of my last transfer in the mission. I'm so grateful for the things I have learned and the things that I am going to learn still. I love the mission :)

Have a good week! I love you all.
Love Elder Dahlin

4th of July! #Gringo

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