Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1 2016


Wow this is the second to last time I'll be writing you all. 
This week I almost didn't write anyone so sorry about that! It's just that I've been kinda sick today and so I'm feeling really out of it. I'm not exactly sure what I ate but I have a super super funny story haha.
So today we had a multi zone conference. So we went there and we were all participating and everything and it was awesome. We were learning a ton about humility and how important it is to be humble like Christ in this work. Anyway so we go and eat lunch. We ate pollo a la brasa. Which is like a rotisary chicken with french fries and some super good sauces. I think that's the thing that messed me up.. cause we ate and about 2 hours later I started to feel horrible sick. There were like 60 misioneros there and me and my companion got up in the middle of the presidents wifes message and ran out the door. Ummmm.. lets just say the pollo a la brasa ended up in the bathroom trash can. Haha I threw everything up and was feeling much better after. We went back in to the reunion and everything was normal and the reunion ended. Yeah so we took the bus back and here is the funny part haha... and kinda gross so if this type of thing grosses you out lo siento! We were on the bus and if you haven't been to Lima you have no idea what a crazy driver is.. the bus driver was swerving all over the place as usual and I began to feel nauseous again.. haha I was trying soooo hard to not throw up on the bus cause we were going to get off in like 10 minutes when all the sudden and almost like instinctively I just stood up and threw up EVERYWHERE! The good part is that I was like in the back next to where the door opens up to let people off. so I was about to aim for the door haha but it was so horrible seriously. There I was on a crazy Lima bus sitting on the floor puking haha. I looked up and like 30 people that heard or saw me throw up had gone to the front and were getting off the bus haha. Wow I will never forget this experience. So funny :D but yeah I've been kinda sick all day and even right now I'm sitting at this computer with a trash can. It's been pretty rough. So yeah if you're wondering why I didn't write you today it's because I'm utterly exhausted and I have like no energy and every 30 minutes I'm making good use of the trash can at my side. But I read all the emails and thanks everyone for supporting me still and for keeping me so excited about this work. I love you all.

So this week the zone leaders called us freaking out saying that they had a referral for us that is such a miracle from God. We were like what? haha we called the guy and set up an appointment with him. We get there and WOW. It honestly was the most prepared person that I have seen in my whole mission. We start to talk and he tells us that he wants to put his faith into play and repent and be a better person. He said that he has seen how we baptize in the church and he can understand that it's how Christ was baptized and he said that as part of his repentance he would like to be baptized. And then he expressed how he would love to always have the constant guidance from the Holy Ghost in his life to be able to endure to the end and live a good worthy life.... I WAS LIKE WHAT!!!

I was so surprised because it honestly really is a miracle from God. And the best part is that he has already gone to church 3 times in a different ward and he recently has moved here. The missionaries never taught him in his old house so we are taking care of that now :) It would honestly be such a great blessing to see Misael be baptized before I go home. But either way this whole experience has strengthened my testimony so much that there are SO many people out there that need us. People like Misael. People that would be so willing to accept this gospel in an instant if they could just have the chance to hear it. That's why we are here as missionaries and Misael is part of the reason why I am specifically here for my last transfer. I know that God prepares people and I know that angels are helping people to prepare themselves to accept this gospel.. I seriously love this work so much :)

Well I will home in 2 weeks. I'm excited but also I feel sad and nervous and happy and just a mix of emotions. I'm sure any returned missionary knows exactly how this feels haha. But more than anything I am still in love with this work and with the Peruvian people and I will be forever :) 

I love Jesus Christ and all that He has done for me. I know that He suffered for me so that I can be perfected in Him and and have a celestial family with him. That's the greatest blessing that I can imagine :) En el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen.

Sincerely Elder Daniel Spencer Dahlin
Ps. Please pray for me so that I can get better soon and serve with all my heart might, mind, and strength! :) Gracias

We had a cool ward party too and it was really cool to see their traditions again before leaving this beautiful country and people.

This week we did a service project and moved all of this from the 3rd story to the first story! I love service :)

Independence Day!! On the 28th and 29th there are just tons of parties haha
Hermana Loayza has yet AGAIN proved to be my favorite teacher from the CCM. She took us and 2 other companionships out to dinner :)

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