Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26 2015

Another week in the obra del señor.
So transfers are coming up and I think it’s my time to go. This is my 5th change in this sector! Some people maybe might have wanted a change at about this point, but I love it here. The people here are like my family and there are so many people to work with. I think that when I got here I wasn’t very excited because there wasn’t much to work with, but we had faith, we fasted and prayed and keep at it, and eventually there appeared tons of people to teach and baptize. I guess when we want something, or when we want blessings, we just have to trust in God and obey, and he will bless us.
This week I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting about the Sabbath day. I think that sometimes we see this commandment as a small commandment or maybe something that isn’t as important. But if that’s the case, why would we allow a small commandment or something that’s not too important to delay our eternal progress? It’s something so simple, and sometimes we let it keep us from being worthy, which is really sad. The Sabbath day is more important than we think, and it also shows our faith and love towards God, just like any other commandment. So if we aren’t going to church, or if we aren’t paying attention during our classes or if we play on our cell phones during our Sunday meetings, we should probably rethink the real reason that we are there. And rethink how much we really love God. Because by our obedience we show him gratitude. I think that sometimes we need miracles in our lives. Sometimes we want blessings and we want things to work out the way we plan them. To receive blessings or miracles, first we need to show our faith and obey. I think that if we don’t obey, it’s much much more difficult to receive blessings. So we should all make sure that we are obeying this commandment. Maybe a small and simple commandment, but it’s the door to blessings and happiness.  These are just some thoughts that I had.

Well I’m like out of time. Sorry if I haven’t had time to write some of you or respond to your emails! I read every single one of them and I’m always so grateful to have awesome friends.

Have a good week! Thanks for all the letters and all the support:)

Elder Dahlin

Este es mi hijo amado!

This is Chicha Morada. It's Purple corn and they boil it in water and then put pineapple and cinnamon in it and some other spices! My all time favorite drink.

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