Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12 2015

Wow I feel like every week gets better and better as long as we are focused on the work. The more I focus on this work with all my heart might mind and strength, the happier I am and the more success we have :) this week we literally saw a miracle. And I’m a witness of the perfect plan that god has for us and the power of his priesthood here on the earth.

So we have been teaching a sister in our ward for a long time. Almost for the whole time that I have been here. Recently her mom died and so she started thinking seriously about baptism and how serious this life is. Anyway, a few weeks ago she decided that she wanted to get baptized, so we planned for this weekend that just passed, October 10th. the morning of October 10th we were in the chapel cleaning the baptismal font and she calls us and told us that she had had an accident had burnt herself in the kitchen and that she wouldn’t be able to get baptized. We were kind of bummed and didn’t know what to do. We told her we were going to come to her house at the hour of her baptism to just visit her. Me and my companion were thinking during the whole day about what we could do so that she could be baptized that day. The baptism was going to be at 5 and at like 4:40 we go to our room and pray. We felt like we should go to her house and give her a blessing of health so that she could be baptized that day. We get the baptismal clothes together and leave the room ready to baptize. We get to her house and she was kind of confused to see the baptismal clothes. She went on to explain to us again that she had the accident and wouldn’t be able to enter in the water. We taught her about the priesthood and faith and works. She agreed to receive a priesthood blessing. My companion gave her such a powerful blessing and totally put the situation in God’s hands. We accepted the fact that if it was his will, she would be healed and be baptized, but if she want ready or prepared, she could wait another week or 2. We gave her the blessing and told her that the most important thing we could do now is act. We told her that we were going to go to the chapel to finish organizing the seats and everything for her baptism. We left and were just trusting in the spirit and that this sister would have faith to go to the church. We were cleaning and getting everything ready when all the sudden we hear a knock on the door! We run to open it and there is the Hermana Berita :) so willing and ready to be baptized. I can’t express fully how I feel about the faith of this sister and the importance of acting when we have decisions. But I think I learned so much this day about how we can trust in God no matter what the circumstance. She was baptized and didn’t say that she was hurting or anything. I know that some people will call this story crazy or that it isn’t true. But I know it’s true. And you can email me if you have questions or doubts :)

God has a plan that’s so perfect. And knowing that he is the same yesterday, today and forever, I know that he keeps working miracles today. I know not because someone told me or because I have heard stories. But because I have felt the spirit confirm to me that it is true and because I have experienced it. Here in the mission we are having experiences and seeing things that will change us forever. The mission is so cool :)

Having an awesome companion like Elder Cabrera is really such a blessing too. Some companions don’t get along and that makes it so hard to have the spirit. And without the spirit, it’s impossible for someone to learn from us and have a real and lasting testimony. Me and Elder Cabrera are buds haha. I’m enjoying so much being his companion. Please keep praying for us and for the people that we are teaching :)

Well ya se acabò el tiempo. But thanks for all the prayers and support! I’ll try to write more next week!

Love Elder Dahlin

Ps. I completed 13 months this week!

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