Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17 2015

Hey I literally have like 5 minutes so this will be short.
This week I had to say goodbye to elder Ramirez. He was my companion that I had the most success with and I’m definitely going to miss him. He’s like a brother for sure. 
I’m training! My sons name is Elder Cabrera and he’s from Plucalpa Peru. It’s cool to have companions from Peru because you can learn to talk like them. The new missionaries always have so much excitement for this work. Excitement that we should carry throughout the whole mission. He reminds me how amazing this work is. He’s 18 years old and he served a little mini mission before he came here. He was in a ward in Pulcalpa for 6 weeks and lived with the missionaries there. So he knows how to teach already. I’m really learning how much of an example I am though. He looks up to me for everything. The way we teach, the way we talk to people. The way we knock on doors. Even the foods I buy, he buys!! haha. He follows everything I do. It’s pretty cool haha cause I can already tell that he’s going to be an obedient missionary. Training is an awesome experience cause you can really see the importance of every little thing you do.
Well I’m out of time but I’m gonna put some pictures in here!
Also! This week I ate Tacush! It’s disgusting. Its rotten potatoes that have been soaked in water for months. I almost threw up no joke haha. I have a video that I’ll try to send later. Thanks for the love and the support! Don’t forget to pray for all the missionaries out here. Love you all!

Love Elder Dahlin 

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