Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10 2015

Hey I figured I would start another email with just family and friends that are on the mission cause the other emails were too big.

This week we have been visiting a lot of families with Elder Ramirez saying goodbye because he is finishing the mission this week. It’s seriously so crazy how much the people love us as missionaries. The old grandmas would cry when they said goodbye to him even after knowing him for only 3 months. I love the people here like crazy.

So all this week I was thinking who is going to be my new companion? Who am I going to receive? Transfers are kind of scary sometimes cause you don’t want to get a missionary that doesn’t know how to work or that doesn’t want to work. I was getting pretty nervous. Anyway, we were at stake conference on Saturday and after it was over my zone leaders come up to me and they’re like Hey congrats!! And I was like what did I do? haha. They’re like you’re going to be a dad! WHAT!? :D haha I was soooo stoked. So this next transfer I am going to be training my first son :´) to say the least I couldn’t be more excited. I hope I can be the example that he needs in his mission. 

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be learning from this experience more than I am going to be teaching my son haha. I’m so grateful that I have this opportunity!

So we had a training this morning for the people that are going to receive new missionaries. They talked a lot about the wise use of our time. Also during stake conference the area seventy that was there, Elder Wakincosta, talked about the importance of what we do with our time. He said that the most important thing that we have here on the earth is time. Because what we do with our time is what will determine the rest of eternity. And it’s so true. I’m happy with these short 11 months that have already passed in my mission. And I’m looking forward to the thousands of experiences that I am yet to have and the hundreds of people that I haven't met yet.

As always, the mission is the best. Even on the bad days it’s the best. Because we only have this short time to be missionaries, so there isn’t time to have a bad day.
Have a good week and thanks for your support! 

Love Elder Dahlin
This is the ice cream man here! They drive around on bikes and sell ice cream.

My comp from the ccm and some other awesome Elderes

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