Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13 2015

Wow time is flying. I know I always say that haha but this week I completed 10 months in the mission. It seems like every time I blink another month goes by. It makes me really take advantage of this time because I only have 14 more months to be a representative of Jesus Christ. There’s nothing else that I could be doing right now to be happier.

Happy Birthday Eric! My bro`s a stud and if you haven’t met him you should. I hope it’s a good one Enrique ;)

We had an awesome week! Sandro and Alison were baptized this week. I baptized Alison and Elder Ramirez baptized Sandro. It was so cool to hear their testimonies. Even though Alison is only 11 years old, she testified of the Atonement and it was so powerful. They both bore testimony that they felt as if a weight had been lifted from them. That’s what happens when you follow the example of Jesus Christ :) we are promised the remission of our sins when we are baptized after repenting and changing our lives.
When I was confirming Sandro and giving him the gift of the Holy Ghost he said that he couldn’t breathe and they he just felt good and clean. That’s what the Holy Ghost does! After baptism we are clean and then we are worthy to have the gift of the Holy Ghost. Everything we do in the church is the same as when Jesus Christ was here on the earth. He was baptized by immersion, in deep water, by someone who held the priesthood, or the authority from God to act in his name. This priesthood has been passed down to me and my companion and that’s how we can baptize. And we give the gift of the Holy Ghost in the same way that Christ and his apostles did it too. This truly is the church of Jesus Christ. And I’m so glad that I know it’s true.

Well I’m out of time already but I’ll be sure to write more next week and let you guys know how I’m doing here in good ol Lima. The mission is the best! Keep praying for us please.
Elder Dahlin

Misión Perú Lima Central 
Av. Juan de Aliaga 520 
Magdalena del Mar, Lima 
Lima 17, Peru 

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