Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18 2015

Wow such an amazing week! It started out on Monday talking to my family on Skype. I’m so grateful for you and I love you guys. I’m so grateful that families can be forever.

Well yet again we come to the end of another transfer. My companion will likely be transferred this Tuesday. He’s taught me so much but I think more than anything patience haha. But he’s an awesome guy. I know that wherever he goes, he is going to help people learn of Christ. He’s helped me learn of him, that’s for sure. 

Well there’s not a whole lot of time to write! But I’m including some pictures of a family home evening that we had where we made pizza. Also, one of the elders in my district, Elder Irving. He’s sooo sick! We traded ties this week and took a picture haha and then the rest of my district snuck in too. 

This week we also had a baptism! Little Bryan got baptized yesterday and everything went really well. He was soo afraid of the water especially cause it was really cold. But he’s a stud and has also taught me so much. 

This work is all about attitude. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s easy and people run to you asking you to baptize them. If I have a bad attitude in the hard times, then I deserve to have them, because through the hard times I’m strengthened. In Ether 12 it talks a lot about this, and the famous 27th verse has stuck out to me time and time again as I have read it. I know that God sends us tests. He knows what we are capable of and he knows, and I now know, that whatever we are faced with, we can overcome. It’s a promise that we have, and it’s always to help us. Faith and prayer can help us discover the purpose of challenges in our lives. I don’t know why I wrote all of that but I know that some of you guys will!

I’m all out of time but I want you al to know that I love the work. I’m going to be better on letting you guys know what my sector is like and how my companion is doing haha. But I love the mission so much. I love the chance that I have to be here and share with people the message that has brought me and my family so many blessings. I love the church. The book of Mormon is true. And I’m so lucky to be a part of the same church that Jesucristo established when He was here on the earth. 

Talk to you all next week! Be safe! :)

Love Elder Dahlin

A pizza we made in a family home evening

Elder Irving and some other elders

Bryan! And his family!
mmm :)

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