Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27 2015


Well my birthday was so awesome. Thanks to all of you and the members in this ward. We ended up having a party with all the leaders from each organization. So that was really cool. It’s awesome to see the support that the people here have for the missionaries.

I heard Logan Stewart got his mission call!! Welcome to the team big guy! 
I remember when I got my mission call and read it. I will never forget that day. Hey can someone scan my mission call and send it to me?

This week we were teaching a hermana that we reactivated this Sunday! And her baby was seriously freaking out. Like full out screaming. We hadn’t started the lesson yet so we were just talking. And it was so hard. The spirit was not there and she couldn’t even hear us. For her to hear us, we yelled, HOW ABOUT WE SAY A PRAYER AND START THE LESSION!!? She was like okay yeah yeah. My companion said the prayer and in the prayer he said something like, please help us to have peace and help the baby to stop crying. Immediately after he said that, the baby stopped crying, and was sound asleep for the rest of the time that we were there. Call it a coincidence but I know that it was an answer. God works miracles, big ones like curing cancer, or even if its something small like helping a baby to not cry. It’s all just according to His will and His timing. 

This week we were walking in the street and there was a group of like 18 and 19 year olds. We went up to them and started talking about Jesus and his example. Right there in the street we invited all of them to baptism this 23 de mayo. We’ll see how they progress. After walking away, I remembered there is a scripture in Alma. I think its Alma 32 verse 1? It talks about them going out into the country and preaching in the churches, homes, and even in the street. The missionary work was the same back then too! I’m so stoked to be a part of this work.

Sometimes it is frustrating though. The people don’t see what we can see because we already have this knowledge and we already have this testimony. That’s when we have to use the spirit to open their eyes. This work is seriously so much fun. The best thing about the mission and my favorite part aside from baptisms, (and all you returned missionaries can agree with me on this) is when someone just gets it. And they say OHHH!!! That’s the spirit confirming to them what we have just said is true. I love testifying of the Book of Mormon. To some people it doesn’t make sense but to me it’s so logical. If God loved the people here in the Americas too, why wouldn’t there be prophets here? Why wouldn’t there be scriptures written here too? Something that I read this week said something about the lost tribes of Israel. They have scriptures too! And there’s a promise that they will be revealed before the second coming of Jesucristo. There will be other scriptures folks! Just something interesting to think about.

Well I love the mission like always. Sometimes it’s hard but like my boy Jeffrey R Holland would say, why would we ever expect it to be easy for us when it was never easy for Jesus Christ? It’s so true. I’m so grateful to be here teaching the people of him. I’m grateful for Him.

Oh yeah! I finished the Book of Mormon a few weeks ago! In total it says the name of Jesus Christ 4,524 times. It truly is ´otro testamento de Jesucristo´.  

Well I love you all and I’m so grateful for all the support you give me here in the field. 
I hope you all have a good week and if you haven’t gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon, I encourage you to read it and pray about it. The book has changed my life. My eternity.

Love Elder Dahlin

PS, don’t forget to send my mission call!

I took a super funny video I’ll send it next week!

Here are some pictures of me trying to make cookies in our apartment

My cake :)
A party with the ward!!

A present from the zone leaders

My companion from the CCM! love the guy

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