Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20 2015

Buenas tardes familia y amigos!

Wow my first birthday out in the field. Let me start out by first saying thank you!! I opened my email and was overwhelmed by the amount of people that wished me a happy birthday. I didn’t have much time to reply but thank you to all of you! It’s awesome to see how many people care about me and are supporting me back at home and here in the field.

This week we were walking down the street and out of nowhere this little girl comes around the corner sprinting full speed and she yells Elderes!! This little girl is like 4 haha and she runs up to me and gives me a huge hug. Just because I’m a missionary she already loves me haha. This calling is amazing and life changing.

So far I’m having an awesome birthday! We had a little reunion with some elderes in my old zone and un hermano because his birthday is today too. We had cake and they all sang first in Spanish, then English, then in Quechua! I don’t know how to spell it haha. It’s the language they speak here in the mountains in the little tribes haha. Super awesome. But they did not smash it in my face! That’ll probably happen tonight in the family home evening we’re going to hve with the ward council in the bishops house. I’m stoked. The members in this ward are really awesome.

Last night! We were in a less active member’s house teaching them. We finished the leccion and were going to leave but then the hermana was like hey do you want some cake for your birthday! Usually we would have denied and said that we could pass another time, because we were going to be late for the next appointment, but something told me to stay. I don’t know if it was because that cake looked super good, or if it was the spirit, but later found out that it was the spirit. We sat down, prayed, and started eating the cake. 20 seconds later, cop cars storm the street and motorcycles. Probably seriously like 50 cops showed up and stopped right outside the house! We closed all the windows and went incognito haha. We didn’t know what was going on! But later found out that there had been a drunk driver and they had stopped him right outside the house that we were in. We listened to the spirit and ate the cake (which was really good by the way. mmm ) and by doing so, we were taken out of harm’s way. The spirit is real folks. We are so protected as missionaries. Being obedient, sensitive, and receptive to the promptings is the key. And then going and doing what we’re prompted to do. Whether it’s to not go down a certain street, talk to this person, or eat cake in a menos activos house. The guidance is amazing.

Well I don’t have much more time but I want to thank you all for your support and all your prayers. Especially on this day! This birthday has been one of the best and without all of you and your support, it wouldn’t be the same! I greatly appreciate you all.

Thanks for the prayers! Have a good week and be safe!
Love Elder Dahlin

Cake! First birthday out in the field: success :)

Here's an actividad that we had this week with the youth in the ward haha. I was too tall for the bag!

 Can you say oatmeal for days! hello breakfast!

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