Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 9 2016

It’s been too long! Sorry you guys haha. Today I’m going to send some pictures to make up for the weeks that I have emailed.
Wow! First of all the mission is still the best and I continue to learn and see miracles every day. I still can’t decide if I love the people or their food more haha. Both are things that I will remember for the rest of my life. 
Well my companion Elder Navarro got transferred and I received my new companion, Elder Trujillo last week! He’s awesome. He’s from Trujillo. He’s maybe one of the shyest people I’ve ever met, but also probably the funniest companion I have had so far haha. I know we are going to have success together this change. At the beginning of my mission I didn’t notice, but now I see that every companion that I have had has been like a brother to me. And it’s because we have all the same goals and standards! And because we are called of God to be together in this time to teach the people about happiness. That really is the main thing that we are here to do anyway haha. Teach people about how they can be happy with their families forever. What else could we want?

This last Saturday me and my companion we were walking to an investigators house to see how they were doing and to invite them to church on Sunday. We were just walking along when all the sudden we both felt something. We looked at each other and I asked him how he felt. He wasn’t sure and he asked me. I felt like we didn’t need to go that way. I felt like we had to go to another investigator that we had met a few weeks ago. He agreed and even though it would take like 20 minutes to walk there and it was almost 9 o clock, we did it because we felt like it was right. While walking we talked about what we were going to share and we decided that based on their needs we would both know. Anyway we got to their house and right when we knock on the door the sister opens it. She’s probably like 70 years old and she is in a wheel chair. She had an accident a few years ago and she never had the money to go to the doctor to get her broken ribs fixed. And she has been in a wheel chair ever since. She opened the door and right away started crying. We went inside and started talking to their family and it turns out that her pain had been sooo strong the last couple of days. Her daughter also had been sick and was having kidney stones due to an infection. They had been praying to be able to feel better and about 20 minutes later we knocked on the door. From experiencias like these I’m reminded so clearly that this time is not mine. It’s Gods. The things I do here are Gods will. And I really am just an instrument. We taught the sisters more clearly of the priesthood, or the authority to act in God’s name to bless his children, and we taught them about faith too, and then we blessed them. There is nothing more important to me than to know that Gods authority has been restored to the earth by Joseph Smith and that thanks to that authority, we can be blessed. Blessings of health, or the blessing of making promises with God in the temples that allow us to be together forever. I’m grateful for my family and for the knowledge that I have that we can really be together forever. 

I have decided that I will take more pictures no matter what. Because I have been horrible about that haha. Thanks for the support and for always writing me! You guys are the best. 
Here are some pictures that I took! 

Love Elder Dahlin

A huge bee that we found!

Diego, one of my best friends ever.

My new companion, Elder Trujillo!

Chilis is super popular among the misioneros :)

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