Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16 2015

Well I got transferred! It’s weird cause I have 14 months in the mission and this is only my 3rd ward that I’ve been in. But I feel that I’ve been able to help people in the wards that I’ve been in and more importantly learn from the amazing people that I have met. It’s kind of hard getting transferred because we have to leave behind all the people that become like our families here. But I’ll always remember them!

So my first week in this new sector we were walking down the street on our way to an appointment. We were looking for people to contact and all the sudden a door comes flying open and a little boy runs out into the streets to greet us. It kind of scared us and we were kind of confused. His mom walked outside and saw us and just started crying. We spoke with them and the sister explained to us that she is a member of the church and that she hadn’t been going for years. She told us that her son had been sick for weeks throwing up. The sister didn’t have any money to go to the doctor so her son had just been lying in bed sick for days. She was praying for help when all the sudden her son sits up in bed and runs outside and finds us. We gladly gave him a blessing and her and her son both went to church this Sunday. Me and my companion were both shocked at how perfect God’s plan is and how obvious it is that we are just instruments here in God’s hands. And it’s so true. The only reason I’m here is to help my brothers and sisters that are here that don’t know about the gospel of Jesus Christ and that we have prophets and apostoles and the authority of God here on the earth today. It really is a blessing to be here helping people :)

So far I like my new sector! There are lots of people to teach and we are already seeing some people that will be baptized soon! I’m going to be the English teacher here in this zone again so that will be fun to help the other elders!

I’m putting up some of the pictures from the last few weeks!

Thanks for all your support and love. Keep praying for us please :)

Elder Dahlin

                                                                 My old sector!
My new companion Elder Navarro. He's from Cochabomba Bolivia and has 10 months in the mission. One of the funniest guys you'll ever meet haha, I'm excited to work with him.
At soccer we played futbol with a whole bunch of socks wrapped up in tape cause our ball popped haha.

My first 2 companions here in the mission!! They're both finishing in Deciembre

Mi despedida en mi ultimo barrio. Ustedes son lo maximo en serio. Lo siento si no pude despedirme de algunos de ustedes. Gracias por todo lo que me han enseñado y siempre recordare a todos ustedes. Estaremos en contacto :)

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