Monday, December 8, 2014

Dec 8 2014

Hola de Lima Peru,

Elder Dahlin here. Another week in paradise. I know everyone always says this, but there is nothing like the mission. And I can’t describe it either. It’s just feeling the spirit all day everyday nonstop. I love it. It’s like EFY. At EFY we feel the spirit all day long right? This is like EFY, but for 104 weeks straight. And we feel the spirit on a whole new level. I love it so much.

This week I got better. It was almost like a miracle. I went to bed feeling sick, and woke up feeling as if nothing had ever happened. So thank you for all of the prayers. 

I can’t believe how close Christmas already is!! It’s so different here because its Christmas time, it’s like the middle of December, and its blazing hot. I’m used to the cold and wearing sweatshirts and sweats, but here I’m sweating to death nonstop haha. Gosh I love Peru. At times it’s so hard. Missionary work is so hard. But it’s so worth it. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it. I love this mission and there is nothing else that I would rather be doing. I’m excited to see where my friends are going to get called to. I know Brynn Bergeson just turned in her papers, and Caleb Clement is also turning his in. I can’t wait to hear about it!! Let me know when you guys find out okay?

This week we had a little service activity and ill add some pictures of it with this email. We had to move a couch to the top story of this building. But all of the doors inside the house are super small. Like my shoulders don’t even fit if I try to walk through normally. So we moved the couch outside because the door to outside is a little bigger. And tied ropes to it and hoisted the couches up the side of the house with ropes haha. It was so much fun. Service can be fun. We have to just look at the bright side of things in this life. Yeah things are hard sometimes, but there’s always a lesson to learn. From every experience there’s a lesson to be learned. 

Oh!! This week I’ve learned of a new blessing that comes from missionary work. Mom don’t get scared from this story haha. So yesterday we went to pick up a family for church. They’re less active and we are trying to get them into the habit of coming to church. We were outside waiting and talking when this drunk guy starts walking towards us. We step aside and give him a bunch of space. And he turns towards me and starts walking, stumbling, towards me. I’m like what the heck!! So I was just like hola hermano! Hay algo que yo puedo ayudayle? I just asked him if there’s anything that I can help him with, and he didn’t say anything. Then all of the sudden he swung at me! At my face. I like kicked into spider reflex mode and dodged it, and after that he walked away. Haha this might sound cheesy but whatever. I know that I’m being watched over. I wasn’t in any real danger, and if I was I would have been told by the spirit to get out of there. I know that everything that I experience is for my testimony and for my learning. And if I listen to the spirit I will be protected. I love the spirit and the guidance that I can receive on my mission.

So the video that I tried to send isn’t working. I don’t know why :( but I’ll try to figure it out next week haha. I love you all! Always remember Jesus. Especially at this time of year. We’ve been given so many blessings, all from our Heavenly Father, and if we can remember Heavenly Father and Jesus at this time of the year, we will all be a little happier :) I testify of this. And of the importance of prayer and being receptive to the spirit. I know that we can receive guidance and answers to our prayers. I have seen answers. I have seen lives change even in the short 3 months that I’ve been here. I love the church. I know it’s true. I love this work and I know that I’m here for a reason. En el nombre de mi Salvador, Jesucristo, Amen.

Elder Dahlin, over and out.

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